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Our Story Grit Meets Growth began with a conversation, or really, a series of conversations...

Working together on a handful of business projects, Chris Cathers and John Gamades shifted from talking about work to talking about mindset, grit, entrepreneurship, goals, and resilience. At one point, Chris made the comment, “These are really solid conversations. I bet a lot of people would get value from hearing this.”

A month later, we launched Episode 1 of the Grit Meets Growth podcast. What has followed is a series of conversations about growing personally, professionally, and physically. We’ve shared personal wins, personal challenges, personal goals, and some of the strategies we’re using to create success. We’ve also used these conversations to challenge each other and our listeners, and hold our Grit Meets Growth community accountable to reaching their full potential.

We all know there’s more out there for us. As a brand and a community, we’re committed to helping each other get after it.

Our Mission

We exist to be champions for grit, hard work, and the uncomfortable… all the things that lead to achieving our goals and creating the lives we want.


Our Vision

For every person to stretch themselves beyond what’s comfortable and achieve beyond what’s expected.


Our Core Values

We all have areas in our lives where we’d like to achieve more, spaces where we’re restless. Instead of running away from those areas, we lean into them.

The ability to keep working toward a goal overcoming challenges and sticking with it even when its HARD

We’re not the same today as we were yesterday, last month, or last year. We’ve chosen growth at all costs.

Make your own luck. It’s one thing to want growth and our goals… It’s another thing to do the work to achieve them. Action matters.

We will not give in. When the hard work and the uncomfortable come our way, and the excuses start rising up, we battle back and don’t give in.

Chris Cathers

Chris is the co-founder and CEO of Octellient, an information security expert, advisor and coach, and a cancer survivor.

John Gamades

John is a co-founder and partner at the marketing agency OrangeBall Creative and the author of the Depth Not Width blog.